Cow Tipping: October Live Cattle

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October Live Cattle

     Once again the cattle market closed right around speed line support at 106. The contract did post a new low to 104.200 after making a early high at 107.475. It does appear that the most recent decline from the 109.750 seen on the 28th represents a five wave structure and could be of a terminating nature [ the (v) wave of a completed (C) wave of a non-impulsive (A-B-C) correction]. On the the flip side a failure below 104.800 should follow through to +/- first support target at 103.200 with lower pitchfork projections at roughly 102.200. If the market should fortify 108 it will reach for +/- 110. Looking ahead, a close above would set stage for an advance extending to +/-116.

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