Unparalleled products and services customized to the individual needs of our clients.

We strive to provide products and services customized to the individual needs of our clients. Our approach is relationship based in a consultative process.

Our seasoned consultants have the knowledge and practical experience to tailor services to the varying needs of each investor – whether assisting clients new to managed futures or sophisticated investors well-versed with managed futures and portfolio management.

Our Mission

At Walsh Asset Management, we consider it our mission to understand each investor’s needs and add value through the use of research, analysis and due diligence. Utilizing a consultative process, we assist our clients with manager selection, and the integration of managed futures programs to enhance diversification and increase the optimization of portfolios.

Manager Selection

We believe that the real value of managed futures is as a component of a portfolio. Therefore, we do not offer a large list of selected CTAs for self-service purposes. Instead, we offer a limited list of CTAs and programs as stand-alone investments.

We spend our time analyzing and tracking managers using numerous CTA databases and clearing firm databases as our primary source. Additionally, we continually search and monitor other sources for additional managers and funds. Once a CTA program meets the quantitative parameters for our Selected Manager list or the parameters for an individual investor’s portfolio needs, we begin a thorough due diligence process.

selected manager list
Trading Systems

Futures Trading systems are fully-automated trading programs able to execute orders at high-speeds following trading algorithms created by the trading system developer. Browse our futures trading systems database to review a list of futures and commodities trading systems that meet our requirements.

When it comes to Futures Trading Systems there are hundreds of programs available. We’ve created a set of criteria and included only the programs that meet these standards. Additionally we’ve selected two databases that not only provides you with an in-depth view of each program, but also show actual performance including profit, loss and open trades.

While Trading Systems are automated, our service is not. You’ll always have access to discuss your account and any needs you have directly.


Managed Futures Integration and Portfolio Restructuring

We specialize in portfolio building. Through a consultative process, we determine which program(s) meet the risk-return objectives of the investor.

This consultative process includes –

  • a meeting to determine the risk parameters and return objectives of the client
  • a review of the client’s current portfolio
  • recommendation of specific CTA programs, allocations and investment timing
  • implementation of new allocations
  • and monitoring of the CTA program(s) performance

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L. Michael Clarke, Director, Asset Management Division in Los Angeles
Michael duel majored in Finance and Economics at La Salle University. Shortly after leaving La Salle in 1987, he began his career in the Financial Services Industry as a licensed Stockbroker with a boutique brokerage firm in Philadelphia.

In 1988, Michael joined one of the largest Wall Street firms, Dean Witter Reynolds, as a Stockbroker. For more than 30 years, He has served investors in the financial markets in multiple capacities. As a Stockbroker, his primary focus was on trading. He has extensive knowledge in both classical and modern technical analysis of financial markets.

In 2005, Michael served as the CEO of Porter, Ringhold & Company, a guaranteed introducing broker of Peregrine Financial Group, specializing in allocating investors funds to commodity trading advisors that he felt provided his clients with the best risk adjusted returns.

Prior to working with Walsh Trading, Michael was the Director of retail managed futures with in Los Angeles, and a managed futures specialist with HighRidge Futures. He now brings this particular expertise to Walsh Capital Management to support the continuing growth of clients looking to diversify their investment portfolio by adding managed futures to the mix. He currently serves as both Director and branch manager of our Valencia, California office.

Contact Michael
Phone: 661-505-7158 or Email: