Dedicated to helping clients actively manage risk & operate from positions of strength.

Success in today’s global grain market takes a unique balance of production, marketing and risk management. Walsh Commercial Hedging Services is dedicated to partnering with our clients to actively manage this risk.

We have been fortunate to service some of the largest companies in the world, in their respective fields. If you are a producer, end user, cooperative, miller, feeder, or financial institution, we have the team to assist you in your market-related endeavors.

Our Mission

At Walsh Commercial Hedging Services, we consider it our mission to assist our commercial customers with the important decisions that affect their business. Utilizing our program, we help our clients overcome the emotional side of risk management decisions and stay focused and disciplined to improve their bottom line.

It is our belief that partnering with farmers to improve their marketing skills and make successful market decisions is crucial to help the producer and their operation thrive regardless of market conditions.

Our Ag Marketing Plan

Our program consists of you working one-on-one with a member of our agriculture management team to address the risks associated with your individual operation and develop a plan.

We don’t speculate on prices. We work with what we know to manage risk and keep you informed, helping you become a better marketer.

We attempt to provide option strategies that enable you to operate from a position of strength and sell cash grain to take advantage of rallies in the cash market.

Foundations of our Risk Management Program
  • Know the customer.
  • Communication is paramount in any relationship.
  • Manage the inherent risk while attempting to maximize marketing opportunities.
  • Limit margin calls by purchasing options and option spreads.
  • Trade off acceptable risk/reward ratios and parameters.
  • No speculating.

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Industries Serviced

  • Grain and Oilseed

  • Livestock

  • Dairy

  • Renewable Fuels

  • Softs

  • Textiles

  • Energy

  • Metals

  • Forest

  • Shipping

  • Currency

  • Equities

  • Fixed Income

Market Insights

Information is key for good risk management. Our veteran team of brokers provides commentary and insights on both market fundamentals and technicals. Written commentary currently includes:

  • daily crude oil commentary
  • daily livestock commentary
  • weekly grain commentary
  • weekly gold commentary
  • special reports

We are proud to offer these easily-digestible reports. Through our email subscription, you can receive the latest reports of interest to you. Sign up to get our email updates by clicking the button below.

We are proud to offer these easily-digestible reports. Through our email subscription, you can receive the latest reports of interest to you. Sign up to get our email updates by clicking the button below.


Special Reports

With an average industry experience of 25 years, our professionals specialize in all aspects of the markets so that we can service all of our client’s needs. In addition to our daily commentaries we are pleased to provide the following special reports.

  • First & Second Quarter 2018 Outlook

    In this report, Sean Lusk, Director and Ben DiCostanzo, Senior Technical Analyst with Walsh Commercial Hedging Services provide fundamental and technical outlook for 4 different commodity sectors and a trading game plan using futures and option strategies. The 4 markets covered are Grains, Equities, Precious Metals and Livestock. READ THE FULL REPORT >

  • Now is the Time to Diversify

    With stock valuations historically rich and a substantial amount of uncertainty, we think it makes sense to own some portfolio insurance. According to LPL Financial, the S&P 500 has gone 242 trading sessions without a 3% pullback, the longest streak in history. Now may be the time to learn more about Managed Futures. READ THE FULL REPORT >


Walsh Trading offers a variety of free weekly webinars to keep our clients informed and up to date. On Thursdays at 3PM CST, we host our Grain & Livestock Outlook webinar with Sean Lusk and Ben DiConstanzo. Additionally, we host two bi-weekly technical analysis webinars on alternating Wednesdays at 3PM CST. These include Using Wave Analysis in Agricultural Markets with John Lunney and Insight into the "Olive Line" with Alan R. Palmer.

Upcoming Webinars

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For the convenience of our clients, all webinars are recorded.

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In addition to our written commentary, daily audio commentary is provided for the benefit of our clients.


Superior technology and reliable service is what we provide when we approach your online trading needs. Our range of choices allows you to customize your trading screens, trade global futures products and reach your trading goals. Our suite of platforms also provides swift and secure access to the markets and real-time and historical charting packages. We offer a free trial of any of our platforms to find the one fits your needs.

We are pleased to announce the release of our proprietary online trading platform, Walsh Continental Trader. LEARN MORE AND REQUEST YOUR FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL >>

Current Platform Offerings

About Walsh Continental Trader

Walsh Continental Trader is the our newest platform offering enabling self-directed traders from across the globe to trade the markets of their choice. Walsh Continental Trader offers revolutionary software applications for real-time streaming futures and options on futures quotes, highly reliable and accurate data, internet based mobility for anytime/anywhere access, professional, advanced tools, the best combination of sophistication, usability, performance and price. Integrated paper trading allows users to learn to use the interface and practice trading strategies. 

Key Features

  • Trade from multiple windows
  • Single click trading
  • Drag and drop order modification
  • Toggle between live trading and paper trading
  • Single click to modify orders
  • Manage multiple workspaces via tabs
  • Display live orders and fills on charts
  • Display all positions and fills in a single window
  • "Mobile Desktop" allows users to save a copy of their workspace on their desktop, and see the same exact view and configuration from any login location
  • Fully customizable windows
  • Runs on Windows, Apple, and Linux
  • Advanced options analytics and charting with full options order entry
  • Comprehensive weather package available
  • Multiple news providers
  • Extensive order book management which is also exportable
  • Black Berry, I-Phone, I-Pad and android mobile products
  • Spread Matrix for advanced spread trading
  • Advanced analytics and charting
  • Continuation and expired charting capabilities
  • Built in order entry safe guards

Start trading today - contact us at 800.556.9411 or

Complete details >>

About CityTrader

CityTrader is the next generation, web-based platform for trading futures and options on futures. CityTrader brings advanced functionality, such as custom spread-building and RFQs, with the ease of an online trading platform to a broad audience of active traders and commodity market participants.

Key Features

  • Full exchange functionality including spreads and RFQs
  • A simple, refreshing and intuitive design
  • Robust risk controls to manage multiple accounts
  • Full documentation with 24/7 support
  • Cross-platform access so you can trade from modern web browsers as well as Windows and Mac desktop apps
  • Dynamic market ladder along with charts and analytics
  • City API, a set of secure and scalable REST-based APIs for customization

Complete details >>

Start trading today - contact us at 800.556.9411 or

About CQG Integrated Client

For decades professional traders have been using CQG Integrated Client as their platform of choice. Traders can count on the platform’s reliable performance and innovative trading interface complete with accurate global market data, professional analytical tools and advanced order routing.

Key Features

  • A trade routing application that can be attached to any CQG application, such as a quote board or chart.
  • Two depth-of-market order book views of the electronic exchanges.
  • Charts include a trade routing interface and order management window.
  • Spreadsheet trading, with over 200 market data elements available, includes order routing functionality.
  • Comprehensive pre-trade risk management.
  • High-speed, real-time, and historical market data from over 100 global sources.
  • Sixteen chart styles, including CQG's exclusive TFlow®, which displays whether traders are hitting bids or lifting offers.
  • Portfolio and instrument monitors.
  • Advanced option strategy analytics.

Complete details >>

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About CQG Q-Trader

The recently released Q Trader cleverly bridges the gap between the trader and Integrated platform by offering charts and increased functionality without making the price too prohibitive to the average trader.

Key Features

  • An impressive charting functionality with many of the key technical indicators.
  • The ability to trade off the charts.
  • CQG’s DOMTrader, a depth-of-market (DOM) order execution tool, provides transparency beyond the best bid and offer.
  • A powerful Order Ticket that is a DOMTrader® and order manager all in one. Its depth-of-market view provides buy/sell buttons and a set of order management windows.
  • Trade more than one market seamlessly using the four tabs in DOMTrader.
  • Quote Board displays open, high, low, last, and net change.
  • Access account details including working orders, filled orders, account balance, open trade equity for futures, unrealized profit/loss for options on futures, collateral on deposit, and more

Complete details >>

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About CQG Trader

For the trader who doesn't need a technical analysis tool, CQG Trader has the speed and reliability you need in a quote and trading program. CQG Trader is a high-performance, market data and electronic trading application where traders can view market activity, place orders, and track orders and positions.

Key Features

  • CQG’s DOMTrader, a depth-of-market (DOM) order execution tool, provides transparency beyond the best bid and offer.
  • A powerful Order Ticket that is a DOMTrader® and order manager all in one. Its depth-of-market view provides buy/sell buttons and a set of order management windows.
  • Trade more than one market seamlessly using the four tabs in DOMTrader.
  • Quote Board displays open, high, low, last, and net change.
  • Order Desk attaches to any CQG application, such as quote boards or chart.
  • Access account details including working orders, filled orders, account balance, open trade equity for futures, unrealized profit/loss for options on futures, collateral on deposit, and more.

Complete details >>

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About T4

T4, by CTS, provides all the features that a professional trader demands in a format that is user friendly and accessible to a wide range of futures traders. The breadth of features and the high level of customization allow you to develop a trading screen that is suited to your specific style.

Key Features

  • Real-time profit and loss and position updates.
  • A charting package built directly into the front-end that includes numerous studies and overlays.
  • Dual-layout capability.
  • Switch between contract markets with a single click.
  • One-click and keyboard order entry.
  • Multiple quote boards and order books.
  • An expansive list of order types, including Market Orders, Limits, Stops, Stop-Limits, Trailing Stops, MITs, GTCs, OCOs, and Auto OCOs.
  • Advanced order types like market mode activation, time activation, price activation, icebergs and queued orders.
  • Create your own customized functionality or your own black box system using T4's open API.
  • Have access to all three trading platforms with the same login.

Complete details >>

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About TT X_Trader

Designed for the serious trader, TT X_Trader allows you to simultaneously trade multiple markets from one fully customizable screen with superior speed, stability and accuracy. Single-click order execution and the patented MD Trader® ladder give traders the edge for optimal trading performance.

Key Features

  • Combines Order Book, Fill Window, Trade Book and Fill Recapper functionality into one window.
  • Patented MD Trader ladder provides an intuitive view for quick response to market conditions.
  • From one screen access thousands of contracts across multiple asset classes from dozens of markets.
  • Highlighted position indicators clearly track market risk or reward.
  • Easily track and manage complete order activity in a single window.
  • Fully customizable workspace layouts and order defaults support diverse trading style.\
  • Integrated charting and analytics with X_STUDY® identify potential trading opportunities.
  • Comprehensively monitor and manage consolidated portfolio activity and exposure.

Complete details >>

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About TT X_Trader Pro

Developed for professional traders, X_Trader Pro is a feature-rich solution for accessing global derivatives markets. You’ll access all the features of TT’s X_Trader platform along with a host of advanced trading features.

Key Features

  • Autospreader® leg view, a grid-based selection view provides the ability to configure spreads.
  • Autotrader™ RTD linking, establish native RTD links directly within Autotrader for enhanced performance and scalability.
  • Develop custom add-on applications using X_TRADER API.
  • Initiate orders from a desktop anywhere in the world to TT's server-side Strategy Engine execution engines.
  • Leverage proximity-based spreading capabilities of Autospreader Strategy Engine.
  • Access synthetic order types not available natively on exchanges through Synthetic Strategy Engine.
  • Automate strategies using Autotrader and link in values from Excel or X_STUDY.
  • Develop and run custom API applications that extend X_TRADER functionality.

Complete details >>

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Our Team

Executive Team

Sean LuskSean Lusk, Co-Director Walsh Commercial Hedging Services Division

Sean Lusk is a registered commodity broker and Co-Director of the Commercial Hedging Division of Walsh Trading in Chicago. Sean began in the business as a runner on the trading floor during summer breaks from college in 1993. Upon his graduation from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1996, Sean began his career on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Overseeing billions of dollars of transactions working as a clerk in the Eurodollar pit, Sean took the next step and became a floor broker and member of the CME in 2003. He handled customer orders for banks and investment houses from all over the world from inside the Libor pit at the CME.

Now, at Walsh Trading, Sean utilizes his experience in the marketplace and his professional client service skills to aid and assist customers in their trading endeavors.

Sean writes daily and weekly commentaries focusing on Precious Metals and Agricultural Markets along with related market activity. He has been quoted in various media outlets discussing futures markets. These include, Futures Magazine, Reuters, Forbes, Kitco, Nikkei Press and

Contact Sean

Phone: 312-957-8103 or 888-391-7894

Listen to Sean’s Daily Grain Spreads Audio Commentary >
Register for Sean’s Grain & Livestock Outlook Webinar on Thursday, March 8th >
View a Recording of Sean’s latest Weekly Grain & Livestock Outlook Webinar >

John WeyerJohn Weyer, Co-Director Walsh Commercial Hedging Services Division

John Weyer started in 1992 as a runner for an independent brokerage group in the Eurodollar pit at the CME. As a clerk he helped handle thousands of contracts from institutional customers on a daily basis. John’s customer relationships and skill set helped enable him to become a CME member and execute customer orders as a floor broker. He later made the transition to a “local”, trading his own account in 3 Month Eurodollar futures.

John now uses the skills and experience acquired after 20 in the futures industry to help customers with their risk management at Walsh Trading as a Co-Director of the Commercial Hedging Division.

Contact John
Phone: 312-985-0934 or 888-391-7894

Listen to John’s Daily Corn and Wheat Audio Commentary >


Kofi Amoabin, Director of African Business

Kofi Amoabin graduated from the College of Engineering at Brown University in 1983 and worked as an engineer at Xerox, Polaroid, and AT&T Bell Laboratories. Additionally, Kofi holds a MS in Finance from Lewis University and a MA in Communications from DePaul University. Kofi’s solid mathematical background attracted him to market analysis and trading, especially for commodities exported from or imported into Africa, such as cocoa, coffee, sugar, cotton, and crude oil. In 1991, Kofi obtained his license as a futures broker.

Kofi has a deep knowledge of sub-Saharan Africa and its reliance on revenue from cash crops; he uses this knowledge to manage risk in futures for entities in Africa that want to trade on the worldwide commodities and futures markets.

Kofi’s primary responsibility at Walsh Trading is hedging or managing risk for commercial traders and subvented government agencies that trade cocoa, coffee, sugar, cotton, crude oil and export and import commodities. In addition to his work at Walsh Trading, Kofi has taught public courses on trading futures, options, and risk management for individuals and companies, consults in business development for US-based companies considering Africa markets, and recruits African students for Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. Kofi also serves as the Executive Director of US-Africa Trade Research Institute, a not-for-profit entity promoting trade between the US and Africa. In this role, Kofi has brought Ministers of Agriculture and other high-level government officials from Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda to the United States to initiate multi-million trade deals.

Contact Kofi:
Phone: 312- 985.0308 or 630.923.1567

Michael Bullion, Senior Technical Analsyt

Mike began his career as a financial planner for the Tranel Financial Group where he specialized in asset allocation design and advanced strategies including employee stock option optimization. From there he moved on to institutional investment consulting with the Marco Consulting Group. In their discretionary management division, he continued his work on asset allocation and risk management as well as specializing in alternative investments, including managed futures. Mike earned a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Spring Hill College and an MBA with a concentration in Analytic Finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. In 2017 he earned the right to use the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst designation.

Mike has extensive experience in trading many different security types for many different institutions, companies, and individual investors. He believes in strong risk management procedures and that there should be an understandable thesis behind every trade entry and the exit catalysts should be known before execution.

Contact Mike
Phone: 312-985-0156 or 888-391-7894

Listen to Michael’s Daily Precious Metals Audio Commentary >

Ben DiCostanzoBen DiCostanzo, Senior Technical Analyst

Ben is a graduate of Pace University with a degree in Accounting. In 1984, he became a member of The Index and Options Markets of the CME. He is Series 3 Licensed. Ben has been involved in many areas of the Securities industry, from working as a runner on the NYSE to taking care of professional traders and institutional clients for Salomon Brothers on the CME. He traded equities as a local before moving on and working with individual clients.

Ben understands that every client’s need are different and he prides himself in tailoring his service to each client’s unique circumstances and needs. Individual client experience, risk tolerance, and capital all play a role in how he approaches the markets. He is very involved in all markets using technical analysis to find opportunities. Ben’s approach is driven by principles of capital preservation. His trading philosophy is that if you can recognize and manage risk, you have a better chance to be successful in trading. Ben advises all his clients to always use stops as money management – in his opinion, it is the most important ingredient in trading commodities.

Contact Ben
Phone: 312-957-4163 or 800-556-9411

Listen to Ben’s Daily Livestock Audio Commentary >
Register for Ben’s Grain & Livestock Outlook Webinar on Thursday, March 8th >
View a Recording of Ben’s latest Weekly Grain & Livestock Outlook Webinar >

John Lunney, Senior Analyst

John Lunney began his trading career in 1989 as a clerk for IFO, the largest futures and futures options brokerage on the CME floor. Within one year, John was promoted to an executing floor broker responsible for handling large individual and institutional accounts. John’s knowledge of option theory and tactics quickly attracted a growing customer base. In 2000, John began exclusively trading futures and futures options for his own account. John later became a founding member of VI Capital, a proprietary trading company funded with personal and investor funds. At VI Capital, John was the director of risk management, technical analysis and strategy development. VI Capital realized multi digit returns over the course of 8 years of trading.

John has extensive trading experience in stock indexes, metals, commodities, energy and agriculture products. He believes that hard work reveals the best trading opportunities, and strong discipline creates consistent results. John possesses a unique ability to connect with customers, understand their goals, and work with them to create long and profitable relationships.

Contact John
Phone: 312-957-8108 or 888-391-7894

Listen to John’s Daily Technical Audio Commentary >>
On Wednesday, February 21st at 3PM CST, John held a FREE The Wave Principle – an Introduction to Elliott Wave Theory webinar. John took a look at applying Wave analysis to the agricultural markets. VIW A RECORDING

Alan R. Palmer, Sr., Senior Technical Analyst

Alan R. Palmer, Sr., is a successful independent trader and technical analyst specializing in agricultural, financial and stock index futures. He has worked primarily in the markets traded on the CME Group.

Alan started trading at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1986 in the 30-year U.S. Treasury bond pit as a local. In 1987, he bought his full membership the day of the historic crash and moved back to his passion, trading soybeans, and grains along with bonds and stocks. Moving from pit to pit as market indicators dictated, Alan used his charting calculations to spot pivotal points as markets crossed ‘key levels.’ This acumen is Alan’s specialty and now he delivers this knowledge and experience to his customer base. He offers a macro thought process to viewing markets and players as they act with predictive behavior acumen.

He began his career in the futures industry as a summer runner while thirteen on the floor of the CBOT in 1973 delivering orders and learning the rudimentary workings of the markets. He graduated from runner to phone clerk, delivery clerk during the Hunt silver squeeze, working for various brokerage firms. After earning a Bachelor’s degree from DePaul University while working full time, he began a career as a proprietary trader with Paul Tudor Jones, a world-renown money manager, where he perfected his technical analytical techniques.

Alan has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Bloomberg and Reuters newswires. He was the founder of, an independent research and charting web enterprise, based on time-tested, support and resistance calculations for predicting multi-market swings. Alan holds an undergraduate degree in Business Finance Administration from DePaul University in Chicago.

Contact Alan:
Phone: 312.957.8248 or 888.391.7894

Listen to Alan’s Daily Morning Commentary >
Listen to Alan’s Daily Afternoon Commentary >

On Wednesday, January 24th, Alan held an Insight Into the “Olive Line” Using Professional Support and Resistance Level webinar. Alan discussed his “Olive Line” technical analysis which he uses to spot pivotal points as markets cross ‘key levels.’ If you missed this webinar you may VIEW A RECORDING.

James Walters, Grain and Livestock Specialist

James Walters has been involved in the equity stocks and futures business for over 30 years. He graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Science degree in commerce majoring in economics and finance. Jim also served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War and was trained as a cryptographer – a top secret code specialist. Jim entered the commodity futures industry in 1973 as an associated person handling customer accounts. He spent a great deal of time working with farmers and livestock feedlots, traveling to Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, and the Dakotas. As a sales manager for a large commodity firm, Jim supervised 22 brokers and spent time researching various markets. He became a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and learned the art of trading cattle, hogs, and currency futures. Jim was also a member of the Mid America Exchange where he traded all of the grain markets.

Throughout his career Jim has been with various investment companies which has provided him the opportunity to see many different types of trading programs and techniques. Jim has developed a day trading method that has been a successful model for him for many years.

Contact Jim
Phone: 312.948.9456 or 888.391.7894