Gain access to hundreds of Automated Trading Systems – created by professional developers and tracked in real-time.

What is the iSystems Automated Trading Platform?

The iSystems platform allows clients to browse hundreds of automated trading systems – with the ability to view overall performance, monthly profit/loss, trade logs, and all the relevant risk/reward statistics. Clients can subscribe to systems they like and activate the systems for live trading in their account – choosing how many contracts to trade; whether to get in line the the system or wait until the next signal, and then monitor all of the activity in real time on the website with the ability to start and stop systems with the click of a button.

Trading systems can remove the emotions and provide consistency to your trading, while most have the profile of risking a small amount on each trade while looking to make several times that amount.

How Does it Work?
  • Browse Systems by Name, Market, Annual Return, and Required Investment

  • View Specific System’s Equity Curve, Risk & Reward Ratios, Monthly Profit/Loss, Trade Logs, Worst Loss and more…

  • Lease the Rights to Different Systems with Easy – Click/Subscribe/Paid from your trading account

  • Activate licensed systems for LIVE trading in your account, selecting how many contracts per signal… View an Illustration - CME Critical Events >>

  • Follow Along — Tracking Open Positions, Filled Orders, and Performance by System, Market, and All-Time P/L

Want to Learn More?

Download the iSystems Overview and iSystems Cheat Sheet to learn more.


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