Futures Trading systems are fully-automated trading programs able to execute orders at high-speeds following trading algorithms created by the trading system developer. Browse our futures trading systems database to review a list of futures and commodities trading systems that meet our requirements.

Potential benefits of a trading system:

  • Trading is based on strict rules (algorithms) that are executed by high-speed computers

  • Since futures trading systems are fully automated emotions such as fear and greed are eliminated from trading

  • Removes the need to sit in front of a computer waiting for a specific opportunity

  • Typically lower minimum investments than Managed Futures/CTAs

  • Use a futures trading system to diversify a portfolio based on a strategy, style, or markets

When it comes to Futures Trading Systems there are hundreds of programs available. We’ve created a set of criteria and included only the programs that meet these standards. Additionally we’ve selected a database that not only provides you with an in-depth view of each program, but also shows actual performance including profit, loss and open trades.

While Trading Systems are automated, our service is not. You’ll always have access to discuss your account and any needs you have directly.

To select a Trading System that's right for you, our databases allow you to:

  • Search program database

    Profiles of selected futures trading systems that meet our trading standards

  • Select by Strategy, Sector and Markets

    Pick the strategy that fits your overall portfolio and level of risk

  • Access to actual performance results

    Performance derived directly from actual trades displayed

  • Ability to view actual trades

    See profit, loss and open orders

  • Program costs listed

    Listing of fees and costs for each futures trading system

  • Follow the leaders

    Access daily, monthly, and lifetime top performance lists

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