The service aspect of your business – doing the little things so you can concentrate on growth.

We believe that the Introducing Broker business is the backbone of the futures industry. Walsh Trading takes great pride in the relationships it has fostered. We, through our clearing relationship, are situated to offer what we consider to be the most reasonable rates, the best platforms, and the best insights available in the industry.

When one considers how to grow their business, these are the key ingredients. We consider ourselves to be the service aspect of your business. We do the little things so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Our Mission

The mission of our Introducing Broker Division is quite simply to help you grow your business. We are committed to assisting you through leads, advertising and seminars in your local area.

How we Help you Grow

We can assist you in the future growth of your business through:

  • Market presence through various media outlets.
  • Modern approach to the market through rebuilding your website – a key tool to reaching customers.
  • Personal service and market insights through our experienced market professionals.
  • Free quotes and charts utilizing the most widely used systems.
  • Daily audio commentaries on a variety of markets.
  • Technical and fundamental research from highly respected individuals.
  • Access to CTA’s and Asset Management Products.
  • The finest clearing firms in the industry, in our opinion.

Industries Serviced

  • Grain and Oilseed

  • Livestock

  • Dairy

  • Renewable Fuels

  • Softs

  • Textiles

  • Energy

  • Metals

  • Forest

  • Shipping

  • Currency

  • Equities

  • Fixed Income

Market Insights

Information is key for good risk management. Our veteran team of brokers provides commentary and insights on both market fundamentals and technicals. Written commentary currently includes:

  • daily crude oil commentary
  • daily livestock commentary
  • weekly grain commentary
  • weekly gold commentary
  • special reports

We are proud to offer these easily-digestible reports. Through our email subscription, you can receive the latest reports of interest to you. Sign up to get our email updates by clicking the button below.


Special Reports

With an average industry experience of 25 years, our professionals specialize in all aspects of the markets so that we can service all of our client’s needs. In addition to our daily commentaries we are pleased to provide the following special reports.

  • Now is the Time to Diversify

    With stock valuations historically rich and a substantial amount of uncertainty, we think it makes sense to own some portfolio insurance. According to LPL Financial, the S&P 500 has gone 242 trading sessions without a 3% pullback, the longest streak in history. Now may be the time to learn more about Managed Futures. READ THE FULL REPORT >


Walsh Trading offers a variety of free weekly webinars to keep our clients informed and up to date. On Thursdays at 3PM CST, we host our Grain & Livestock Outlook webinar with Sean Lusk and Ben DiConstanzo.

Upcoming Webinars

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For the convenience of our clients, all webinars are recorded.

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In addition to our written commentary, daily audio commentary is provided for the benefit of our clients.


Superior technology and reliable service is what we provide when we approach your online trading needs. Our range of choices allows you to customize your trading screens, trade global futures products and reach your trading goals. Our suite of platforms also provides swift and secure access to the markets and real-time and historical charting packages. We offer a free trial of any of our platforms to find the one fits your needs.

We are pleased to announce the release of our proprietary online trading platform, Walsh Continental Trader. LEARN MORE AND REQUEST YOUR FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL >>

Current Platform Offerings

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Our Leadership

John Walsh, President, Walsh Trading, Inc.

John began his career in the futures industry in 1986 at privately held firm, Barnes and Company. Barnes and Company was known for its presence at the Board of Trade, particularly in the agricultural sector. From Barnes, John held positions at the privately held firm, Argus and then at Continental Grain. During his time there, Continental Grain was one of the largest clearing firms in the world. Continental Grain had, and continues to maintain, extensive holdings in the cash cattle, poultry, swine, and agriculture industries. At Continental Grain, John had various responsibilities including working for the Options Group and the Risk Management Group where he serviced clients located all over the world.

In 1996, John left Continental Grain to found Walsh Trading, Inc., currently a registered Guaranteed Introducing Broker (GIB) and an NFA member. John’s focus at Walsh Trading has been on hiring and cultivating talented individuals and building relationships throughout the industry. Walsh Trading services some of the largest companies in the world, in their respective fields, as well as individual investors with a commitment to always putting the needs of its customers first.

John trades all markets, but concentrates his efforts in the agricultural sector, more specifically in the relationships revolving around the soybean crush. His trading methodology is based on fundamentals and a personally designed technical system.

Contact John

Phone: 312-208-8837 or 800-993-5449

Listen to John’s Daily Soy Complex Audio Commentary >
Listen to John’s Daily Global Overview Audio Commentary >

Brendan Sears, Account Executive

Brendan started his work in the commodity futures space originally as an interning junior educational
advisor for a trading education & proprietary trading company in late 2014. There, he learned advanced
technical analyses and algorithmic approaches to trading, focusing mostly on index futures, options and
stocks under a veteran group of senior traders. Within months, he had completed his internship, and set out to increase his proficiency and exposure in brokerage and trading.

By late 2015, he started to acquire official licenses such as the Series 7 and Series 66, going on to work
as a financial advisor for an independent financial planning firm. He took on another internship by mid 2016 with a futures firm located inside of the Chicago Board of Trade building, acquiring the Series 3,
this time focusing on proprietary methods to trading futures options. After his time in this position,
Brendan returned to securities to work for a large, global wirehouse and investment bank after being
offered an entry level spot in the bank’s prominent, wealth management division in Chicago, in 2017.

Today, Brendan proudly works as an account executive within Walsh Trading. In this function, he helps
provide quality education, strategy development, execution and risk management to best serve the
needs and desires of the clients of Walsh Trading.

Brendan is also currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration at the University
of the People, taking on a challenging self-directed education as he works to finish his degree by late 2020.

These opportunities have awarded Brendan the ability to offer his clients comprehensive and discerning insights into today’s markets, as he works to provide ideas that are clear, logical and no-nonsense. He works with all client types, but the clients who benefit most from his services are serious, honest and decisive when potentially money making (or saving) opportunities present themselves.

Contact Brendan
Phone: 800-993-5449