We believe that the real value of managed futures is as a component of a portfolio. Therefore, we do not offer a large list of selected CTAs for selfservice
purposes. Instead, we offer a limited list of CTAs and programs as stand-alone investments.

Bluenose Capital Management, LLC (BNC) is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor located in Williamsburg, Virginia, whose primary goal is the development and implementation of Alternative Investment Strategies to generate better than average investment returns. BNC uses Absolute Return Strategies which, due to low correlation with traditional financial markets, are intended to produce positive returns in all market environments.

Bluenose Capital Management, LLC currently offers 3, options based trading programs, two based on S&P 500 futures contracts and one utilizing options on oil futures contracts. Bluenose’s investment approach for all three programs is essentially the same. All three programs are options based and incorporate five vital elements; fundamental analysis, technical analysis, money-management, strategy identification and risk assessment. Our managed futures programs utilize the writing (selling) of options on various futures contracts including but not limited to the S&P 500, Gold, Oil and Treasuries with the S&P 500 being the primary.

Managed futures are futures positions entered into by professional money managers known as commodity trading advisors (CTA’s) on behalf of investors. CTA’s invest in energy, agriculture and currency markets (among others) using futures contracts and determine their positions based on expected profit potential.

Together, Rob McLallen and Joe Natoli, the firm’s principals, have over 30 years of experience in financial services including alternative investments, managed futures and options trading. Alternative Investments are investments that are not one of the three traditional asset types (stocks, bonds and cash).

Bluenose Capital Management currently offers three alternative investment and managed futures programs, BNC EI, BNC BI, and BNC CL.

BNC EI (e-Mini S&P Options Program) through December 2017 >>

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BNC CL (Crude Oil Options Program) through December 2017 >>

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Buckingham Global Advisors, LLC is a Commodity Trading Advisor, currently registered with CFTC and a member of National Futures Association.

Buckingham Global Advisors, LLC (“Buckingham”) is a research-driven wealth management advisor. Buckingham’s team has years of experience in trading, investment research, strategy design, risk management, and opportunity identification.

Buckingham applies macro and micro economic analyses, combines fundamental and quantitative research to improve investment returns and control risks. Buckingham focuses on liquid instruments. Currently we runs only one CTA program – Weekly Emini Program. The program trades Emini S&P 500 futures options exclusively.

Our investment philosophy is simple but powerful. In principle, we adhere to Chicago school’s Market Efficiency Hypothesis indicating that active fund management is no better off than passive indexing. Thus, we do not usually predict what market would go, instead we mainly manage the risks associated to our positions. In any given time, market can go up or down each with around 50% probability, this simple statistics is our building block to craft our trading plans in order to capture the excessive return.

We believe that broad market is close to 90% efficient. We are taking advantages of those 10% of market dislocation opportunities happening in the derivative market.

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Gary D. Hart is the President and sole principal of Camkay Capital Management. Camkay provides an opportunity for people to invest in something that has the potential to increase in value every year, regardless of the health of the economy or whether the stock market was up or down.

Camkay’s managed futures program is the result of research started in the mid 1990′s when Gary was looking for a method to grow his money during the construction industry’s downturns. He wanted something that was not dependent on increasing real estate prices, GDP growth, or a bullish stock market. By entering both bullish and bearish short term trades in the stock index futures, Camkay’s program has the potential to profit in any market environment. Please be advised that trading futures involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.

The Stock Indices Short-Term Program attempts to take advantage of short-term inefficiencies in the stock index futures markets by using multiple independent intra-day and swing trading models. Trades are generated with proprietary computer generated signals. The average holding period for the swing trading models is five trading days, but can be as short as one day and as long as twenty days. The intra-day strategies are primarily trend following in nature and utilize market volatility. The swing trading strategies are primarily counter-trend in nature, with some incorporating fundamental data as well. This combination of time frames and model types is designed with the intention of providing consistent returns during any market environment.

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Carbide Capital Inc is a discretionary Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). Carbide Capital is led by Aaron Wallace, Chief Investment Officer who oversees investment strategy and trade implementation. Mr. Wallace has over 15 years of investment management and trading experience. Prior to establishing Carbide Capital, he was the head trader for 7 years at Universa Investments L.P., a multi-billion dollar options focused hedge fund.

Prior to Universa, Mr. Wallace worked as an equity derivatives trader at KBC Bank. He also, along with one of the founding partners, established a hedge fund seeding platform while at KBC Bank. This allowed Mr. Wallace to be exposed to all aspects of the hedge fund business, including research, trading, risk management, marketing, and operations. Mr. Wallace graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Business Administration from Northeastern University.

The Carbide Absolute Return Program seeks to produce non-correlated returns through a long/short options strategy focused on the S&P 500. The program generally has a bias towards short option positions due to the volatility risk premium inherent in the options market. The options market can reflect pricing inefficiencies due to behavioral biases. Options can then be used to construct trades that produce positive returns under various market scenarios. Carbide incorporates a comprehensive investment approach, using macro data, technical analysis, and volatility to make trading decisions.

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Gregory Placsintar is the Head Trader, Managing Member, and sole Principal of Gregory P. Asset Management, LLC.

The overall goal of the Seasonal Spread and Option Strategy (“SSOS”) is to achieve account appreciation through the use of an exchange futures and options investment strategy. Generally trading will be done by combining futures and options spread positions. It focuses on seasonal tendencies using both technical and fundamental analysis. Positions may be held for as little as a day or for as long as nine months depending on market conditions. The strategy may trade in any futures market in which certain seasonal tendencies and/or characteristics can be readily identified.

Our new Alternative Multi Strategy program aims to deliver superior absolute returns with its. We focus mainly on spread trading and create alpha from our understanding of the mean reversion of commodity spreads that occur within seasonal tendencies. The program mainly utilizes the quantitative analysis of data but it also considers market fundamentals. Our
alternative multi strategies include: Statistical Arbitrage, Spread Trading, Relative Value Long/Short, Volatility Arbitrage, Global Macro and more.

Seasonal Spread and Option Strategy Performance Summary >>

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NickJen Capital is a discretionary, Natural Resource Commodity Trading Advisor. We have targeted this niche because our portfolio managers have been entrenched in these sectors for over 25 years and have acquired an extensive amount of market knowledge.

NickJen has created a prodigious network of deep commercial relationships with market participants that is continually growing.

Our Commodity only program is called the NRD-1. Since developing the NRD-1 program in 2008 we have implemented minor improvements, enabling us to become a premier program within the managed futures space.

NickJen uses a discretionary, fundamental based approach to trading. 70% of the portfolio strategy focuses on the Agricultural and Soft markets. The remaining balance is composed of the Energy, Meat and Metal sectors.

Trading decisions are developed through highly extensive, statistically based analysis, review of supply and demand conditions, inventory levels weather developments and forecasts and economic trends and reports. NickJen looks to capitalize on market irregularities by adapting to changing market conditions. We continue to evolve our research to identify new sources of returns to improve how to procure them. NickJen’s goal is to prioritize capital through low M/E seeking returns at a relatively low level of volatility.

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