Wheat, Hogs Soy- Events live. 1st time ever’s

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HOGS- LIVE SALE POSTED last week in Oct.

Beans- hit $9.07 and now in parabolic up move as happened across board last 18 months after these conditions post.

Look at how the volume at this olive line, not only might be the biggest ever, but also after a diamond on top.  100,000 wheat biggest in ???

Pretty rare stuff going on.  That said, you may want to sell wheat against your long beans $9.08 Summer drought play suggested last few months, which was also the level covered by the short index fund (that only has 20 traders in this CFTC COT I displayed last week). It is a fact that someone covered 22,300 short beans before USDA, at olive SQ 9.06, SN 9.07.

What’s 22,300*$6,000 in 11 days? Big money changing hands in futures at these indicators offer very large opportunity trades.  Must stay with winner because of todays action, inquire for rules.  312.957.8248

These moves are just going to continue to rip peoples faces off.  Funds sold 24,000 beans into that OLB buyer of 22,300.  Powerful if you have the discipline to only trade when this goes on.  Right before qtr end is my favorite time as they low ball the mark.

Less than 10 days and a buck bean rally, drought is a call option at this point.?? Not sure what you mean here…are you trying to say that it is a free call option now if you had bought the olive?


I say in today’s world of trading you get a research guy that can help quantify risk in trader simple rules. They are not stupid rules!

Buy with a stop, a dime in beans and you caught it, as there was only a three cent risk?  Yep, you risked $150 into a $5,000 move on a 1 lot. That was where big fat stupid money got stopped out, or in.  Don’t Fox me, lol!  Wheat ditto.


2 levels same price, very powerful

This is what I find and value I now add as broker through Walsh Trading.  

This relationship is everywhere.  Nobody can trade all of them.  But if your looking for something like beans that went $150 bad, then $5,000 good in 9 days, this is what I do.

These markets are now.  I don’t know how anyone can trade without this kind of research.

Things go nuts right now.

The markets vertical swan dive or spike to these levels where someone can buy or sell in any size they like.  All my opinion of course, but work does provide some compelling and high reward/low risk trade ideas and excellent location.


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