Soy- Hit and Filled, Chaos live softs

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Buy out-of-favor ?  That’s where the larger rewards lie.  That’s why out of favor.

This is the week for major turns in my opinion.

Too much going on which is normal.  This means when my extreme high impact levels get hit, they get hit in a few commodities at or around the same time.

Long’s have just been trounced in coffee which is in my aggressive buy areas.  If a large money manger wants to buy when the sheep see nothing but falling prices, this is where in my opinion I can say I have seen this before.  Many moves of 10% to the downside have just occurred and a 20% break has happened in a few others I watch.  The time to move is now.

Meats topped out and the ranchers may have stayed too long if they are still long, see previous comments.  Too much going on across board.  The time to have your futures account open has passed because I see running market just starting.  Yes longs saw it running against them and now soybean bears are out in force against $9.00.  Under $8.00 when we have not gotten under $9.00?  Always use a stop and that amount of risk depends on your trader profile.  Soybean bulls time is now, stop under the buck.

If you don’t see it in this chart. You may need help with market color. Major events underway.  VOLUME IS EXPLODING AS THE SHEEP ARE SELLING TO THE BIG BAD WOLF.  WHOM might that be?  Come on, say it out loud.  Who?

If you don’t see it in this chart. You may need help with market color. Major events underway. 3 levels within a small tight area!  Hits the line and macro funds buy thousands after.  Did you have levels there?  This break should be over in a day or touch more for longer guys.   312.957.8248

Is there a lot of confusion?  YES.


What is up with soybean meal spreads?  Up good today?  Inquire if your product.

Crude- no change in opinion.  Buy levels lower, 43.18 old support now high.

Meats-  Levels cited.  Range expansion when either long term sell or short term buy #’s violated, VIO.

Drought players- Inquire now, timing imminent for lowest risk.  Several trading ideas

Bonds bearish?  Inquire,  About 20 markets at critical levels which is rare but not uncommon.

Inflation bias- ?  The time is now, meal spread idea?  Come on, think like a trader but something is up.  Oilshare- long term buy may be biggest moves I favor but risk now of course much more.  1970’s Olive buy last July was 27.40 as posted to pro futures traders and individual clients.  This has not looked back from those lows, like crude at same indicator.  THIS IS for LONG TERM large speculator type profile.  Farmers- don’t sell it here against $9.00.

This is where I think behavioral science mind doinks happen to humans.

Potter -‘Palmer isn’t selling, he’s buying’  Is that what going on? It’s Goldyen?

Have a great weekend.  Shorts will sweat selling down here but next week is set to rally into bearish selling convinced we are going lower.  Before Summer?  I know, this messes with traders, big trader’s not only you.  T Notes had a $30 bil fund flip long notes at 133,

the olive line

The level that hurts the most amount of traders.