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There really is not much to change in the forecasts until you get into the 11 to 15 day. The the MJO models yesterday
and on Monday began to show a change in that the very strong impulse was going to weaken rapidly once it reached
phase 8 and turned into or towards the Neutral circle. This is a change because the earlier projections have the
impulse staying rather strong in phase 8 and phase 1 into phase 2. As a reminder, those Phases keep most of Brazil
quite wet and keeps Argentina very dry. Thus this change with current MJO models from yesterday has significant
implications for the 11 to 15 day timeframe. For that reason the models are wetter in the 11 to 15 day. It is quite
possible that the MJO will not weaken this rapidly and will hold course … as a strong Phase 1 and phase 2. This
obviously would keep the dry pattern over Argentina and the super wet pattern over Brazil. But for now, there is risk for some moderate rain showing up in the 11 to 15 day in Central Argentina.
The full report presents current weather conditions for Argentina and Brazil along with next 30 days rain and temperature projections.
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