Now is the Time to Diversify

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Now Is the Time to Diversify.

With stock valuations historically rich and a substantial amount of uncertainty, we think it makes sense to own some portfolio insurance. According to LPL Financial, the S&P 500 has gone 242 trading sessions without a 3% pullback, the longest streak in history.

As seen below, the 10 year cyclically adjusted P/E ratio is in nosebleed territory, only surpassed by the 1929 peak and the tech bubble. We are currently in the 97% percentile of valuations, based on this metric.

P/E10 Ratios by Percentile

Why You Should Invest in Managed Futures:

Broad Diversification Opportunities

  • Over 150 global financial and commodity markets. Managed futures investment portfolios may include agricultural commodities, energy products, metals, interest rates, equities and foreign and domestic currencies
Reduced Overall Portfolio Risk

  • Because of this inherent diversity, managed futures offer the potential for lower overall volatility in a balanced investment portfolio.
Enhanced Overall Portfolio Returns

  • A diverse, well-balanced investment portfolio can offer more effective performance.
Profit Potential During All Economic Environments

  • Managed futures have historically performed well in market conditions that are adverse for traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds.
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