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TEN YEAR NOTES- TREASURY SECURITIES.  OLIVE ALERT LIVE.  Start selling bond portfolio long term, 6-9 months or longer.  Grains, this game is over to speculators, bears will sell all way up and this might turn into one of those long grueling bear markets.  Good things down road but do you want to take shot and buy low tick?  Like wheat same condition last year, my guys subscribed to buy wheat as inflation hedge.  Two got short around the high day.  These are, about to be Pro’s that are going to give back and let me trade the market you do not have luck in.  Thanks.


This has moved 20% in past off Olive panic of 2015-16

BONDS 155.12/32ND’S LAST- on warning and live now if picking a top.  Nuke war will run in shorts but come on already.  That is like not buying Mexico at the olive line which TRUMP is yelling about the Wall.  That is when you buy.  As always panic is high.  GOLD violated an OLS Olive sell#, 1293 blew buy stops, then back under.  ALL MARKET HEATING UP. What’s unleaded gas doing?  Any Spec.s?  Talk about vertical swan dives.  It worked once at 91c off memory.  What was it Rural Midwest Joe?

OCTOBER EVENT coming to trading  soon.

JAN Nat gas is coming.  DO YOU NEED TO HEDGE BUY?

Here are a slew of different ways you should look at markets because your feel and my acumen with levels can put you in a position pending my methodology, to trade bigger at extremes with pinpoint pre-determined risk stops depending on your time frame.

As a Floor Trader I wanted to put on a lot OF CONTRACTS.

Let it turn winner……………………..  put in a stop.

Then LEAVE,  on a Friday.  Then one more, DO NOT , YOU CAN NOT GET OUT OF THE WINNER.

LEAVE THE STOP WORK. It can lead into such a big trading strategy return that human can’t stand the register ringing and ringing.  My opinion, only way to play.

Shoot for the moon, miss and hit a bird,   than  , shoot for a bird, miss and hit a rock.

CATTLE and whatever I see.  AUG CATTLE    DEC  (why are they so different?) Perspective.

dec coffee is live last 10 days.

If you need a dow jones chart worth a thousand words email me.  I think it is worth a hundred thousand, something.  It puts this whole picture in good perspective.


Have a great weekend and hopefully we see one another Monday with Korea.  STOP , you gotta get off Fox.  Mute the fake news and listen to my decipher age.  Real Trader for Real Traders.  Let’s rock because we are beginning to roll.