Cocoa, LC FC, can’t put em away.

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Good Morning


Last week while putting ear to the rail I conveyed option trader buzz about VIX up 2% in that blip in Dow to about steady on the year.  Is this what mkt prelude meant?

Last time KC under $5..00? Maybe.  Buy any break against support levels if not on board in my opinion, all opinions in here. Cocoa alert live hit today folks on this big blast higher this year.


Softs all have some pretty lt l term levels to take a shot at a turn.  Cocoa up from <18? What % is that?  These moves are massive %-wise offering tradable  scalp swing trades for those inclined trader profile.

MEAL has an possible powerful apex just a few bucks above here.  Arg Port closed, see news.



The first of a bull pattern has happened, red diamonds on chart is condition to me says someone is accumulating new longs.  A short index fund doubled short pos. 100% last werk.  New shorts.

This is the DNA of technical analysis I learned from thw best and cattle could be ripe.  Three months from now everybody will say obvious bit I put this in front of you aheaf of the crowd like the past two weeks.

I advised selling some, long futures late yest 4.2625 kwn.  Why not if you have the calls bought in that panic 10%er?


This is a money game about blowing out weak players nowadays.  Fade bullish euphoria to get paid, take money off table.

Rains imo don’t pay as we saw again.  Focus on price action, only unless your a data scientist.  They don’t know what to look for tho.


Hogs held a few reds yest, macro TL downslopers been pivotal last week. Resistance but no comment.


Corn-it missed macro support this pop.  Corn comment, call me once over $4.00.  That might be the proxy inflation barometer 4.01 now.  Is demand bump pre tariff war buys?  Skeptical, always.

Beans- not bearish on 50c break.  Sell it higher. Get a level.

A R Palmer


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