Buckingham Global Advisors posts 0.96% gain for March 2018

James O'ConnellAsset Management

After suffering their third down month since its inception in 2015 Buckingham’s WEP program posted a positive return. Out of thirty-seven months, they have posted profits in thirty-three.

Buckingham recorded a rare loss for February. Where some premium sellers got crushed, Buckingham’s risk measures limited the loss to 4.75%. Their three drawdowns have been of 6.09, 6.28 and 4.75 respectively. They exhibit the ability to take a loss promptly and follow strict risk controls.

It is this ability to limit their loss that impresses us the most about Buckingham. The program has not only managed to survive the first turbulent year of the new Trump administration, but actually thrive in this environment.

Here are some highlights of the Buckingham’s WEP program.

  • Annual compound rate of return 18.25%
  • Best monthly return 4.37%
  • Maximum Drawdown 6.28%
  • Minimum investment $100,000
  • Asset under management $13,000,000
  • Sharpe ratio 2.08
  • Percentage of positive months 90%

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