soy baked in cake

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The USDA report tomorrow will offer some clarity. I question the continual ability of meal to rally 10-15$ per ton. This makes little sense to me. The reality of the cold weather would contribute to a friendly soy oil situation. The problem with soy oil is the competitive oils are cheaper in some cases. Looking forward. today the nov beans reached my target of 931. Thats not to say they cant rally a bit more. I just dont think it would be justified. The carry could come in 550-600. While a relief from the previous numbers, That is still a whole lot of beans. In addition the south american production could come in 7-10 mmt higher. this rally certainly wont hurt the thought of more acres. I spoke of this before. My main point of today is take advantage of 930 old crop prices, and 970 new crop prices. The oils share yet again back at 32.5% is to cheap in my opinion. Lets see what tomorrow brings. As always a quantifiable risk is advised.


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