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There are many things to consider in the macro market. The global outlook is offering both opportunity and risk. It is important to have a quantifiable approach and follow it, or the road to peril will be quick and certain.

The energy markets are showing weakness. There are many considerations regarding the political picture globally especially as it relates to the mid East. It is my thought that the crude will move lower over time. There will of course be rallies to sell. The supply side is ample. The US energy independence is also important. Quantify your risk Interest Rates – The Bonds have rallied over time. This is due to the political turmoil, and the Fed moves of late. It is my long term belief that the bonds present a sell in the high ends of the range. In short, the US is growing. The fundamentals are solid. In addition,If and I say If, the US and China work out a deal, then the US expansion will continue both domestically and globally. The US is the one country that is showing forward momentum. This is not by chance rather design. Quantify your risk. The Soy today was lifted by the Nass report. Less beans than thought,although still ample. Let the market work to hedgeable levels. The Corn is the market I fine interesting. The carry 300 less than anticipated. This opens the door for further gains,In addition,The yield may be overstated still. Look for the 390 gap to be filled. There is a chance to move to 412 dec. Quantify your risk.

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