Managed Inflation Expectations, Bonds to Cattle

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Good Pre Unenjoyment Thurs,

Unemployment out Friday. I think we running a little hot. Watch wages.
Bonds get tattooed on 4th olive buy attempt, 139.23, a low a couple times UNTIL ITS NOT.

Long term macro opinion is wildly bullish inflation. I quoted 2.97% low tick for months but now long term interest rates are up over 13% to 3.37% unforeseen back when non inflation flatten-ers were blown out of shorts.
Bond risk is higher rates immediately under 139.23. Support now getting thin.

Cattle- alert levels for turns are live but now in back month 2019’s. I want to buy LCZ on breaks long term. Backs No because around sell Olive’ signals.

Coffee- back over 100.30 turns this pos. Get some levels and use risk stops.  COCOA has a few olive buys, one hit today.
Sugar H olb was double bottom and that outside down bar that plays havoc to generic algos.
This signal also had corn bears Friday get crushed this week. Corn lower is plain old cheap.

Oats- we did see a nice 40c rally finally ignite over out 258 powder blue pivot, buy aggressive breaks my opinion.

Beans- back over 850 is powerful, 3 level pivot for long term folks. Bean longs? Whats the hard trade?

Meal- last weeks of highs is LT TL, sell 319 if you need a green pivot level.
BOZ- hit OLB 2731 and now we hear bull news? 2992 is sell 1st time up off OLB, hit today.
Why bother with fake late news?

US dollar- if looking to short dollar give me a call. If IRS aint getting tax dollars now? Sell levels up against 9600 level, both sides.
Does that effect demand? Plenty of opinion trade ideas across board with conditions live in sequential patterns.
Stocks- new story unfolding today so stay alert if bearish.

Hogs- solid pivot 54.55 gave shorts reprieve to cover. Just play extremes and have less opinions is my trading advise. Use stops and buy next level down.

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