Intermediate Late Sunday Night S American Grain Weather from

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FEB 16

Max temps  94-100f/ 34-38c over most of Argentina into Paraguay … 91-95f/ 32 -34c over western and central Brazil … mid 80s/ 28-30c over eastern Brazil.


Most of Brazil was dry … only some light rains over 0.35″/8mm in northwest 25% of Mato Grosso and
0.25-0.75″/6-20mm over 70% of Paraguay.  In ARGENTINA all of central, eastern and northern Argentina was dry, but there was some light rains 0.25-0.75″/6-20mm over eastern La Pampa.


92-102f/ 32-39c in all of central, eastern and nothern Argentina … Mid 80s/ 29-30c over Paraguay and Southeast Brazil … 91-95f/ 32-34c  Mato Grosso, Goais, Tocatins.


is surprisingly active. The Infra Red images show significant storms over Buenos Aires, San Luis and southwest Cordoba and over far northern Argentina into Paraguay. In Brazil there were storms over southern Minas Gerais, Goias and eastern Mato Grosso.

1-5 DAY

all of Argentina is dry or mostly dry on GFS and Euro. The GFS has small storms that drop 1-3″/25-75mm over 40% of central Cordoba.  In BRAZIL, the GFS and EURO do NOT agree.  Both models agree on 1-3″/25-75mm over  70% of Paraguay, RGDS, MGDS, Santa Catarina, Parana into Sao Paulo.  But the GFS is much wetter over rest of  Brazil.  It has rain widespread 2-7″/50-175mm with 70% plus coveage over Minas Gerais, Goias, Mato Grosso, Tocantins and sw third of Bahia.  The EURO shows the same rains “shield” or area, but rain amounts are in the 1-4″/ 25-100mm range with 60-70% coverage.

6-10 DAY

in Argentina all areas stay dry on Both models. Some areas are 100% dry.

IN BRAZIL the GFS has 1-4″/25-100mm over 60% of Parana and MGDS … and 75% of Sao Paulo … Minas Gerais … Goias … Tocantins … Mato Grosso. Euro is very similar but with only 1-3″/25-75mm over Minas Gerais, MGDS, Goias, Mato Grosso, Tocantins.

11-15 DAY

in Argentina Both Models are generally dry over central and eastern areas but not 100%.  The rains over the five  days interval of the 11-15 day are under 20mm/ 0.25″ but 1″ /25mm rains fall over 50% of Cordoba on both Models.  IN BRAZIL the Model agreement is excellent — widespread 1.0-2.5″/ 25-60mm over 75-80% of all of Brazil and  Paraguay.

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