Grains, Hogs, Cattle, Soft technical update’s, Stocks

Alan Palmer General Commentary

 Stars say-Mercury begins its retrograde motion Saturday evening encouraging us to review and rethink our plans.  Use this three-week period to assess what’s working and what’s not and adjust our game plan accordingly.  Be vigilant and aware that messages may be garbled and breakdowns could occur, so take extra care operating machinery and in all communications.
This was always something I paid attention to and has lead to good trading opportunities.
Let see, coming from Chicago and the soybean pit, “Go Bears Go in beans”.
Rain hit n w Iowa a few times. It’s over. These moves happen fast, like 11 days straight up.  We can easily go spike down in the most complicated algorithm laced pattern that may evolve into the infamous  “despised trade” which, as characterized  from my years as a floor trader, should be viewed as “suspect” and  provide an opportunity to look for the next level to scoop em big, with quantified risk.  What’s needed is a game plan/strategy for execution right now.
Good till cancel, cxl or GTC orders are useful for more reasons than you might imagine as we stand ready at my locations and staying small.
RICE Hit some levels last week in this small market.
Below are the meats and a few softs that are entering interesting levels.  If you have an opinion and think a level might help out for entry, and risk stop, please feel free.
When inequality has been this high or unequal; this type of social mood has always happened.  Think if it as the economic pie keeps getting smaller and smaller and when people can’t satisfy small things like food and shelter, they act up.
I think this is just beginning as technology entitles those at the .1% top, to larger amounts of that limited economic pie.  Think humans trading were eliminated in less than 8 years.
It may be time for, ahh this is for later.  Always use risk stops.