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The soy started the week under pressure. The thought is that the US crop will bet out before to long. In addition, The weather in SA has shown improvement and other than a few bad spots all is well. The long term in the market presents some opportunities but perhaps more subdued than past years. The bean carry while lower than previously thought domestically is still more than ample and approx the second highest on record. This will hang over the market. In addition the Chinese demand for both beans and meal remain lower than previous years. Although it should be noted that the demand for veg oils both in China and Globally is on the rise. This trend could well continue into the new year. The main factor is the demand for bio fuels. It is interesting to note that this is not always price driven. Meaning , the demand could exist regardless of the price due to govt mandates. This could ultimately force higher prices as stocks dwindle. the current veg oil stocks remain a supporting factor. Look for a potential uptrend to start in bean oil after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Especially as we are correcting oil share today. As Always these are offered as insights and suggestions. Always quantify your risk.

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