USDA- Bean shorts! Wheat 1st break, Hog top, LC Bottom

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Too much to say.  See my voice am comment for an after market comment but it DOES NOT MATTER what the acreage is.  The supply demand of futures is what matters most to me if your looking for $150 rally in silver in weeks, etc.

Cattle April looks like a bottom, keep stop under 118, tight.

Hogs I think in June is weakest and maybe telling me this is the proxy, front month to trade in futures, keeps stops sharp.  It’s only one lower on year!

US dollar collapse- SEE THAT CHART.


I will be out MLK day, meats closed btw, but back Tues.


If you cant read chart dont worry.  There are patterns and the olive lines, trendlines all hit and trigger off buying or selling strategies.  Stay out of the way when these are running.  Diamonds print at end of runs, but!  I will explain my rules for controlling risk in a way where I had to control emotion.  That is why we always use a stop when trading.  Hedging of course different but I am getting into that with some of you.  I have buys in grains down here.  Is corn going to hit $3.43? OLB,  Yes because the olive line is where someone large, money manager can buy everything for sale, like today SH 9.45 3/8th’s.  I HAD A NEW CLIENT, his timing was imppecable and a reason you want to have your ACH ready when these markets are ready to rock.

I really have the strongest feeling that these are going to be the biggest market ever, in my trading.  Plat PLJ at olive sell areas, are you bullish?


Cotton- OLS areas in straight up action!

Crude- This is no mans land up here.  5% move over OLB in 4 days!  When olive is wrong rule!  No shorts over.

nat gas 10% in 4 days. 12% in 5 days.  Last Friday I issued 2.736-2.760 as three levels.  Did this just hit 3.22 ?  Wow, swings in percentage term are very under appreciated, in my opinion.

CORN- DO NOT SELL CORN DOWN HERE at the olive line.  This is a good example as much as I want to help you but these are my buy areas where money managers can buy entire crop, 2 cents slippage.  3.43 1/8 and 338 are my March buy levels.

Beans- Was this another OLB bottom 9.45 ?  This was an olive of an olive buy in beans.  The $9.07 July OLB last June pre-USDA.  OLB OLB1 9.45.

Bean oil- bullish with levels to take shots.  Did meal rally $7.00 back over 315.70 last 3 weeks low?  Today counts, 310.20 was major LT TL trendline.

Coffee bottom pickers

Check Aug Crude.  These are different with that $8.00* 1 month, contango during crash? but how to seek value.  I don’t know which is the proxy in here.

Heating oil at OLS also, hoh if looking. 2.0850-ish


Also check Fri am comment after close.

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Pre USDA Soybean Buy levels, Bonds, Inflation !

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Thurs Hog Top?






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