US dollar OLS hit. KC buy break in here.

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Good turn around Tuesday?

Option Expert and Friend
Dr J Jon Narjarian CNBC guest with Alan ARP

Call if your as serious as these weekly 12% swings like KC wheat off my 5.625 OLS, still in selling pattern but now close. Call me when slow at 312 957 8248



As we heat up into chaotic type mkts from Turkey, Israel to ZTE Trump scuffle.  Watch how China didn’t say a word publicly at 1st.  Then negotiations begin.  ZTE is a big deal Farmers.  Right here right now so pay attention since Algos, news feeds, front-run you.


You can’t beat them but I can give levels.  PLN live over 900 where one takes another shot.  These are bets not love affairs.


My take is that some need to win the war which to you is summed up in this fight over maybe a year to you.


That is wrong.  You want to be in markets as little as possible to remain fresh for when they squeeze the short hair.

LUMBER- I do have historic target #s in this final blow-off, LBK up $50.00 one day!


Call or just open or you will miss one that I have kept most out (anyone that listened)

When Major OLS turns VIO




If you have stones to buy, characteristics are;

  1. Up fast consecutive proprietary pattern does happen (algo study education).
  2. You can pull back to green.

I keep it color-coded.


I give you my word you want to team up with going forward trading with decades of AI development, understanding..


Do you want to buy bean Chgo wheat ratio at an Olive Buy?


In anything from stocks to ratio spreads.  Treasuries? Sold babe.


Cocoa Sugar spread?


Meat spread comment.  Ok, new cowboy, Got hair in buy fronts, FC LC and caught both but here is my point about margin money availability.


So he got out on blow off last week, scale small but all the way up.  So we put buy on way down and he laughed and said I said why not put them on down there if you still liked, loved.  So we got hit on a unit back long as is common for my new clients if they give the charts more than a scoff.


I say we buy spike down or visa versa.

Stock Indices today- 7 day rally?  A run and now may have turned.  You do not just blindly enter, other KS guy wanting to pay up mid day for KC.


He sat on the couch, we let them sell it back down a few cents.

Today we are higher and ready to play aggressive at a few of my #’s.  Tight stops, haven’t turned but value against beans up here also.  I quantify for longer term clients  where you can spread something off at an extreme like beans gaining a buck on wheat, ?,8 days ish?


Corn- go back to sleep. They trade size.

Beanoil OLB spreads went out to clients.  No demand play.


Trump, Macro Shock to mkts?  Do you know how to read when a news event occurs?

Do you want a point man that has 30 years’ experience?

NASD100 CME PIT 2001 ish, after top when I went over there.  I had that rolling news glued in my vision once every 10 seconds.



Anyway the news stuck a rate hike, I think.  I sold a 4 lot to two know-nothing locals and Ker-pow’y, we broke hard and I cleaned up that day.

You take that profit.  Pay heed to News, but Mute other News.


Stop placement, I will ask every client upon entry if he wants to put in risk stops and am confident of my lines, levels, conditions for that educated risk speculation.  I prefer it.


If your on the fence still your like the Whale, boast made mil.s but has to do everything himself.  It took me last 10 to get grip of what I have.

I’ve seen everything.  A few open account, never fund and want levels for free. Nope.


I’m here to prove to clients that study from the best charts on the planet, CQG, my opinion after 40 years of different chart pattern software’s, for the individual (smart guys) trader.


Now look, nobody else has charts with so many but FEW levels.  Little noise with bigger level longer duration type art where managers of teams deploy capital.  I keep you focused on next levels.


This is what your not following up on.

What else?


Oats- over 2.40 for starters.  When KC Hard crop is found to be 50% yield loss, enough.


Email me or give me a call, message.


Meats- buy levels if your looking to catch knife after limit down.  Is this a fund on Mondays that is out by Tuesday due to CFTC COT spoof?


Controlling risk and money management is a must in markets that disjointed spikes can take you out in lumber say if you been short all year.


Your wrong.  Let me show you a different way to look at wild markets I have never seen before heating up.


Lumber will make news when my targets hit.


If you want to sell a historic parabolic OLS VIO then get that lumber yard signed up now.


This starts the historic short hair blow with yesterday massive $50 move.


You Gotta Believe”‘”‘”‘


I have not been so confident of big mkts ahead of US since I was a young cowboy with an axe to grind. (Alanism)


If its too high you want to sell,

Too cheap you want to buy.


Stay out in between.  I posted article somewhere years ago.


Bonds back to 3.15%.  You have to see the signs or get someone with a clue and have discipline to use stops because nobody knows what is at risk.


Tremor Alert Advisory’s Now trade style.


Best Always,



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