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In addition to our daily audio commentary, Walsh Trading offers a variety of articles and reports sharing insights and analysis on market events and discussing major themes and trends driving opportunities today.

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Walsh Trading offers a variety of free weekly webinars to keep our clients informed and up to date. These include our Grain Outlook webinar with Sean Lusk on Thursdays at 3PM CST and our Livestock Outlook webinar with Ben DiConstanzo on Fridays at 2:30PM CST. Additionally, we host two bi-weekly technical analysis webinars on alternating Wednesdays at 3PM CST. These include Using Wave Analysis in Agricultural Markets with John Lunney and Insight into the "Olive Line" with Alan R. Palmer.

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    Insight into the “Olive Line” using Professional Support and Resistance Level Webinar

    Wednesday, October 18 - WATCH NOW >

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    Livestock Outlook Webinar

    Friday, October 13 - WATCH NOW >

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    Grain Outlook Webinar

    Thursday, October 12 - WATCH NOW >

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    Wave Analysis in the Agricultural Markets

    Wednesday, October 11 - WATCH NOW >

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    Walsh Asset Management Discussion on utilizing IRA funds in a self-directed account with managed futures

    Tuesday, March 14 - WATCH NOW >