Macro Inflation theme, few live ones

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Buy Inflation long term Now continues my suggested Macro theme on any sharp breaks.

Macro- Grains making final lows this cycle as World players jockey for squeeze 2019, maybe late 18.’ Trade ideas.  Inquire knife catchers.

Blackrock inflows up enormous  $74 Billion in ONE QTR !  Where do you think this avalanche of hot money (off 8-year sidelines) goes? Ask your research broker?

Use catch falling knife explicit pattern rules (your market ) which may have bottomed in coffee 124.17 near miss, as shorts cover in-front of these levels and funds press shorts one last time.

My preferred strategy of buying vertical down-strokes of 8% or more when I explain the safety of these conditional setups, pattern exhausts, vs your gut feel buying opportunities.

Trade ideas repeatedly here, before reports as in meats, previously grains have proven out with 5-15% fast rapid pattern trading opportunities is an avenue for diversification.  I can make case for safety.  Lumber live; extreme, perspective seek chaos panic conditions.

Today wheat fund short selling is currently live ($4.30-ish), emerging before they once again will have their faces ripped off is author floor trader opinion ahead of time.  I provide very aggressive, out of favor, ideas, levels,

ahead of time.  How else are you going to get paid big?  Sold!

Why would you need to know what happened and not what could happen based off fighter method research of catching 10% moves. Rule; can’t get out of winners explanation.

These are going to be larger moves going forward as the Fed baton righteously is handed to an outsider Warsh.  This is today raising another public name calling adding to the ‘drain-the-swamp’ Trump tax about to be applied to non US Income Tax shell US Corporations FAANGs most guilty but Boeing now in EU crosshairs of corporate welfare 1,000% beyond your guess.

The swamp aint leaving Wash. Trump pull out by head of hair? Yep.

That is why USA is in deficit default today.  The crooked Corker’$?

Market under appreciates this shock coming. This will be good for record wealth inequality in this tech disruption land of non American co.s like  AMZN to Apple.  Kroger fans ?  High frequency trading weapons, algos, programs like chaos?  “I pledge allegiance to the flag?  Say it.

Cotton hit 67.40 olive buy, could be long term bottom. Macro. Long term.

Coffee ditto. 124.17
Wheat is live so inquire if you like theme and looking for real deal ideas ahead of time.  Exact levels with stop mentality for obvious reasonable approach to catch big, before final setup (the bottom) like buy KC WZ 4.21 posted prev here.  I want to put you in the next big trade.

I do not really share my information too much as there is a lot in these charts and everybody wants free lessons.  If you want something for free, see Goldman.  I have followed them for 20 years.  You can do it too.

Best Alternative Investing Always,

Alan Palmer


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