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Caution-use tight stops according to your trader risk profile but use stops.

CBOT Wheat Pit when they used human traders.

If I am correct in that you need to hire a broker that knows what the heck is going on with high frequency algorithms batting the ‘chaos panic’ algo which gives opportunity of extreme of extremes coming to a theater you trade in. I would like to quote a fellow Board of Trader from the Soybean pit MAG Mark Gold; “8 or 9 out of Farmers marketing plan is to hope for higher prices.” and ‘Don’t tell me what a market CAN’T Do! We are going to see things like this NASD do a VIO of my sell levels.  Then what do the algo’s do.  They went into consecutive higher patterns all day Fri.

Prepare for the unexpected. Corn-  Look, I think corn is still cheap and for the big guys lugging around a chuck of cash corn this is like a gift.  Sell some cash corn lastweek into that decent 406.5 and don’t look back for a specified time like in KC I told a jittery non-long client, patience is key.  I don’t have it trading, but advise off floor traders, must use.  refrain from that goofy TX Hedge.

Option Expert and Friend
Dr J Jon Narjarian CNBC guest with Alan ARP

That behavior is going to take you out.  You could be dumb as rocks (Wheat pit broker CBOT) but if you had discipline enough to get out of your losers?  Those winners added up fast but that has to be a way of life for traders.  Let the big boys get doinked.

That’s whom the market goes gunning for.  Like SA Argentinian  meal shorts.  That’s why we don’t give a pit-rat’s ass, when mkts are moving vertical.  Technicals win imo.    Beanoil- So we got under 3160 after missing by a tick last time but we came back up to it.  What do we do?New low stop but this was just like when we were all disbelieving this was a long term value.  Oilshare could have bottomedand now back over two lt lines, under 30c which is rare and worth long investment except too volatile.DECDEC Corn anyone?  Think next years corn crop.  I can see that both ways.

Inflation front or back months gaining? What’s your thought? This all means this is game on Trump injected a gift for traders in what will become the big swings become bigger.  We have seen 40% rallies in everything over the last two years and Crude was the first big commodity.  Metals were months beforeas those DB AG funds blew their customers out at the rock ass low in Dec 2015 was it?

Those were the GS OL Buyers down theirbut that is for a data science study webinar.  I don’t know if there is a demand for it.  There should be. Grain ideas off cuff Sunday, sell beans higher maybe against wheat but we have different games going on in wheat especially kc. KC Chgo alsoand way back months will having positioning going on so if your a retail spreader I give you, my word is my bond,you are going to see spreads as well, look at decdec crude!

Your going to see things you haven’t seen ever in my opinion. Inter and intra markets.  Look at that feeder live spread, or is it live feeder.  I just build the chart to trade your product off of.  My levelsmy market color for you as to where your stop location or where algos go nuts like in cotton and meal last week.

I showed clients and maybe’swhere monster size trades in high frequency fashion.  Two people called and said the same, about the indian and asian programmers btw. My product is for you to swing from the fence if that is you. Long term occasional due to that stature?  Sold.  I just want to do your business.  Your opinion, my levels. Providing the only levels we need to trade from for clients to take an educated shot (speculation definition is educated due to your expertise in mkt).

That’s where it differs from what your doing in commodities mkts now.  Gambling.  You know who I’m talking about. So you only want to play my extreme olive line when it is ball to wall vertical?

Open an account and let’s get ready.  Im glad to see my clients utilizethis psychology of open orders standing way off mkts.  WHY? Here you go.  So we have an order to sell KWN up at that 5.62 that I gave early soyou can say hey I will step off my longs way up at that ols.

ARP Wheat Pit, by Ann Ponce

The problem but this is simpler, once you learn the details in that we will run right up to my levels (don’t cxl)and look like they are gong to blast thru. You need to know those levelslike 5,62.5 KC, SK 1082, Cotton and Meal of course sloppy, all down decent.

Human emotion may even say sell off W or Soy, early which is fine from my stance as a broker, but I said 2016 year in wheat.  Some day (due to bearishness) we will get the chance to sell wheat at an ols so leave your order working at my long term levelseven if you don’t have long wheat,  because my thinking provided that you will always except selling (last yr, exp.) wheat up at $6.00, levels differeach month, due to multiple months and products, intra, inter spreads.

Wheat hit those on the SN 9.07 OLB June 2017 eleven day 15% up blast, once the option guys got hooked. That’s the reason I suggest trade ideas very early.  My office gets busy right around all this confusion also.  Avoid the chop with specific situations whose pattern is the same which makes learning as a client valuable froma perspective of playing extremes.  Sugar, are your extremes working?Cocoa blasted over an OLS and blast 600 from that other olb by bottom? I do not care what commodity.   Besides this was the way I used to trade when younger in the pits. Look to hit them once a marketdetermines, game on.  KC was due to weather. Minn Wheat boys- Who is pressing July Sept MWN WNU at negative 7cents?

He who sells what is’n his’n, shall deliver or go to prison.

WTH is July Minn., wheat under Sept?  Blend it with KC?  Explosive but outside my Boundaries as I was a Chicagograin guy.  My Ill lisc plate at one time was “NO BEANS” and yeah it was on a Benz.  Enough.  Who wants to trade hard? AMZN is now a unbelievable 30% of NASD up from 27% a few weeks ago.This is the wildest bull mkt ever up $400 or 72% this year and it is only March.  Today it is up $20. This is why I am not bearish corn within a whole inflationary theme of everything longer term into Summer.

I am a grain pit bull that was helping Farmers throwing out hiballs looking for new bean investors.   Corn can break 4-5% next few weeks.  Don’t tell me what a market can’t do. MAG. Alan-ism- those are ‘1st-time-ever’s.’  I am bullish those.

trading pits

trading pits

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