Macro Monday

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Grains- Weather moderates and grains of course are lower.  While there should be a rally into August is my guess right now we have to shake the tree.  If Farmers have not sold any grain on that 11% soybean 11 day rally, then you need help.

Meats- Watch levels cited were funds head for the exits.

Aug Cattle

Coffee- voice last week Friday cited a tiny sell signal 140.28 on chart and it did sell off today.  It just broke about $1500 a one lot today off my olive sell. If the market is going to top, olives area a fine event in which volume increases, players can do unlimited size like the bean short last month covering 22,000 bean shorts but we have seen this everywhere in the 30 or so markets I can cover for you.  Expect price swings to become more explosive volatility wise.

333.3 or 33.33- ?  What is up with the 3’s again this year.  Did soy product both just cross these again?  I am your eyes and ears for things you can’t possibly see that may make of save you money.

MEAL- DO YOUR lines play like this meal for the last 3 days on this break? This is not easy by any means but this is how you trade both long and short term with floor trader rules. When you need a number, my levels will have the next level you may need.  Meal high this am is 333.40

You need to think like a money manager when looking at charts.

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